The Functional House is an experimental art project - a new art and culture spot in Warsaw. There, in the modernistic villa's space, a unique vision will be realized - several galleries and organizations interacting in the common areas of the house that integrate its residents: the garden, the café, the wine bar.

Such a phenomenon as the Functional House showing up on the map of Warsaw will focus the people interested in contemporary art. Getting the organizations, whose programmes complement each other, localized under one address will enable the synergic effect-empowering of the individual activities, lending them novelty value.

The project of the Functional House includes a place for guest activities. An open space for exhibitions, lectures, projections and concerts will be created on the top floor; the garden will complement that function in summer.

After the revitalization, restoring it to its original expression, the Functional House will become another statement of the phenomenon that is now being re-discovered - the interwar period's boom of the avant-garde modernistic architecture which existed for an extremely short time in the Warsaw's area.

The creators of the idea and the authors of the Functional House's realization are Wojciech Popławski - architect ( and Lucyna Sosnowska - sociologist and manager of culture.